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Oleg Gennadievich Torsunov

Oleg Torsunov was born on March 2, 1965 in the Ural city of Serov into a family of workers. After school, he entered a medical school, which he successfully graduated from. Then he studied at the Samara Medical Institute, from where, after the second year, he was drafted into the army. He served as a paramedic. In 1992 he graduated from medical school and then went to India for several years, where he studied ancient culture and medicine.

Knowledge, ideas, methods

The knowledge given by Oleg Torsunov goes beyond the conventional wisdom. He talks about the energy structure of a person and the connection of character with diseases, about the astrological influence of planets on health and destiny, about karma and reincarnation, about building harmonious relationships, raising happy children, and much more.

Being a promoter of a healthy lifestyle, he pays great attention to the issues of proper nutrition and daily routine, and has his own developments in this area. Formulated a method of positive motivation for the highest humanitarian values, on the basis of which in 2012 he defended Ph.D. dissertation. The author of unique methods for diagnosing and treating diseases using natural materials - minerals and plants.

Oleg Torsunov is a recognized specialist in the field of family psychology and personal growth practices. For more than thirty years he has been studying the heritage of the East in matters of medicine, the physical and spiritual development of a person, social and personal relations, adapting this experience to modern conditions and presenting it in an accessible form in books and lectures.

Activities, projects, achievements

He published a series of books "Good advice from Dr. Torsunov" about affordable and effective methods of treating influenza, acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis, bronchitis, hypertension, hepatitis and other common diseases. The Laws of a Happy Life series, dedicated to the fundamental principles of harmonious existence set forth in ancient scriptures, has gained great popularity.

Oleg Torsunov gives lectures in the CIS countries, Europe and the USA, speaks on radio and television. Some lectures and books have already been translated into English and other foreign languages. Thanks to Oleg Gennadievich, in 2006 the entire Russian-speaking population of the world got the opportunity to get acquainted with lectures on Internet waves at no additional cost and with maximum convenience. «Веда-радио».

He founded the educational center "Saraswati", the purpose of which is to teach people the principles of a healthy and harmonious life, self-awareness and self-improvement. In addition to him, such well-known experts as Vyacheslav Ruzov, Oleg Suntsov, Vladimir Sleptsov, as well as young talented specialists who have undergone deep training, Anton Kobzev, Evgeny Koinov, Artem Leonov, and others take part in the project.

Oleg Gennadievich contributed to the creation of Blagost clubs in many Russian and foreign cities, where his listeners and readers can share the experience of applying the acquired knowledge, help and support each other on the path of self-improvement.

In order to improve his methods and restore people's health, in 2004 Dr. Torsunov created Amrita Health Center, which was first located in Moscow, and since 2010 has been successfully operating near Krasnodar. Also, since 2013, the center has been operating the preventive department "Health Stone", which is engaged in the remote selection of minerals that improve the general psychophysical condition.

Scientific developments

With the support of colleagues, Dr. Torsunov continues his scientific research. In 2015, as part of participation in the VII International Conference "Modern Aspects of Rehabilitation in Medicine", the article "Correction of autonomic disorders in conditions of meteorological maladjustment by traditional and alternative methods of rehabilitation therapy" was published. It describes how the application of minerals according to the method of Oleg Torsunov contributes to the process of acclimatization in comparison with traditional acupuncture.

At the All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation "Rehabilitation and Prevention - 2015" a report was made on the topic "The effectiveness of the correction of autonomic disorders in conditions of meteorological maladjustment by methods of reflexotherapy and crystal therapy", which tells about the results of applying the methods of Dr. Torsunov.


In 2011, the International Academy of Sobriety awarded Oleg Gennadievich the academic title of professor for his services in sobering up the nation. In 2014, he received a letter of thanks from the State Duma Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations for his selfless activities in the spiritual, moral and physical recovery of the country. In 2015, he was awarded the gold medal of the Mechnikov Russian Academy of Natural Sciences for his contribution to strengthening the health of the nation.

But the main thing is the recognition and gratitude of hundreds of thousands of people around the world who attend lectures, study audio and video recordings, read books, follow the activities of Dr. Torsunov in social networks, and also participate in his numerous projects and deeply realize themselves as individuals, becoming part of the revival of spiritual and moral culture in society.