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Проекты, где Олег Геннадьевич дает свои лекции, семинары и консультации. Все проекты направлены на саморазвитие и познание мира. На сайтах этих проектов вы можете узнать более подробную информацию.

1. Clubs "Blagost" in every city

The Blagost club was created by Oleg Torsunov as a place for like-minded people to communicate and work on themselves. At meetings, participants make new friends, receive blessed communication and knowledge, open their hearts and share realizations.

If you listen to Oleg Gennadievich's lectures, but you just can't start putting your knowledge into practice, you lack inspiration to live a good life, and your loved ones do not understand you, then come to the club! You will be surrounded by care and attention, taught to cook delicious treats, serve people and conquer your destiny with the help of knowledge.

The Blagost clubs host educational meetings under the program of Oleg Torsunov, women's and men's meetings, yoga classes, pilgrimage trips, prayer retreats and, of course, services. Oleg Gennadievich says that gracious communication is the key to happiness, and only by changing our communication can we begin to change our lives for the better.


2. "Veda-radio"

Round-the-clock broadcasting of "Veda-radio" on the Internet waves allows people from different countries to listen to spiritual music and educational programs from the most famous Vedic lecturers!

Live on Veda Radio, you can practice yoga, wish everyone happiness and tune in to a new day, listen to lectures and talks with invited guests on various topics: health, family relationships, parenting, self-improvement, inner life and much more.

Radio can be listened to in the car, at work or while walking. It is beneficial to turn on the radio at home to harmonize the space and improve relationships with loved ones. Constant listening makes it possible to stay on the waves of goodness and remain in the mind of a bee!


3. Online seminars "Blagost"

The project helps everyone to listen to Oleg Torsunov's lectures from anywhere in the world and communicate with him live. If Oleg Gennadievich does not come to your city, this is not a reason for sadness, because in the online format everyone can become a participant in the seminar! You can come to an organized group or connect online on an individual basis.

On the project, you will have two-three-day seminars with Oleg Torsunov and intensives with Father Ambrose, meeting and communicating with like-minded people, as well as yoga classes, retreats for wishes of happiness, online meetings "Goodness", a global running club, good events and flash mobs.

If you want to see Oleg Gennadievich more often, strive to expand the activities of the Blagost club, or have long dreamed of applying your leadership skills for the benefit of society, then you have a great opportunity to become an organizer of online seminars in your city and thus join the big Blagost movement worldwide.


4. Workshops of the School of Happiness

To support you and help you grow, we have created a unique training program that will help you apply the knowledge in your life in a sustainable way and live a healthy and happy life.


5. Building a moral family

Creation of the Moral Family is a social and educational project aimed at maintaining and developing the institution of the family. We help lonely people to enter into harmonious relationships in goodness, which will lead to the creation of strong happy families. Thus, we participate in the creation of a developed healthy society.


6. Amrita Health Center

The specialists of the center will help you return the joy of a healthy and happy life! The Amrita Center uses Oleg Torsunov's original healing methods. With the help of natural materials such as minerals, roots and bark, subtle channels are cleansed, as a result of which many chronic diseases go away by themselves: gastritis, asthma, hypertension, insomnia, developmental delay in children, etc.

An initial free health consultation will help you understand which method is right for you, and Amrita's wellness reviews will inspire you to make a choice in favor of a life full of energy and strength. Recovery is carried out remotely, so you will not need to be distracted from work and spend money on the road. You will be able to receive the help of experts, being even on vacation, even on a business trip.

In addition, the Amrita Center conducts paid consultations on Vedic astrology, problem solving, comprehensive Ayurvedic health and personal nutrition. To get a consultation, just fill out the form on the site at a convenient time for you.


7. House of luck

Each house is a closed energy space in which a person can feel either good or bad. In order to help people in this matter, Oleg Gennadievich assembled a team of the best Vastu specialists in Russia. Vastu is a science that gives you the ability to design a space so that you always have good health, good mood and good performance at home. It's the same as Feng Shui, only it's an Indian direction.


8. Tramplin School of Personality Development

The first benevolent online school for children. We have assembled a team of experienced teachers and mentors to develop the talents of your children. Already in six months of training you will be able to see real results and, most importantly, you can start at any age.