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Natalia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

25 November 2022

Hello, I want to thank Oleg Torsunov for his work. This is real help. Thank God that he got in my way of life. Knowledge is light.

Natalia, Omsk

14 November 2022

Good afternoon, I wanted to thank Oleg Gennadievich for the knowledge about health that he gives in his lectures. Thanks to them, I began to run once a week and after 1 month I was able to get pregnant and carry a baby. Also during pregnancy, I walked for a long time and did static loads, and my health was in order. I couldn't get pregnant for 10 years. Low bow to you.

Ilya, Bugulma, Tatarstan

30 October 2022

Low bow, let everyone find their life in this knowledge

Maxim, Rome

27 August 2022

Huge gratitude to the person who brings light in the dark periods of human destinies! Thank God and thank you for your purpose!

Julia, Moscow

23 August 2022

I listen and try to live according to the lectures, for me a holy person, Oleg Gennadievna Torsunova, for more than 11 years. My life was divided into before and after getting acquainted with the lectures and the practice of what He says and other Vedic sources, some of the leading lecturers. Life has become very clear to me, I began to understand what the fruits, the consequences will be from different actions, I became much happier and more successful. Even many elders began to respect me and ask for advice, listen and tell others to pay attention to Vedic knowledge. Although at first they were condemned, and they didn’t want me to listen to lectures and practice the acquired knowledge. Thank God for this knowledge, thank God for people like Oleg Gennadievich, who give instructions for life in an understandable language, in an accessible form, and also a sea of knowledge for free.

Vladimir, Tyumen

19 January 2022

Good afternoon Oleg Gennadievich, WITH A CAPITAL LETTER. You have helped me a lot in my life. I wish you health and your family! All the best to you.

Daria, Moscow

25 November 2020

Good afternoon I would like to express my gratitude to Oleg Gennadievich! I came to God thanks to his lectures, trying to start praying in my faith. It was very difficult for me to start a family, but I still got married while praying and listening to lectures. If I had not behaved like a woman on lectures, with my character I would have constantly created short-lived civil marriages, as it was before his lectures! Thank you for the correct understanding of life!

Tatiana, St. Petersburg

21 May 2020

Dear Oleg Gennadievich!!!!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, warmth, for the knowledge that you so generously share with us. Your lectures, songs, recordings from the festival, retreats, radio, books, treatment, marathons, all your projects are filled with incredible goodness and help you live every day and win your destiny. May everything you do for people and the whole world multiply a million times!!! Low Bow to you and Huge Gratitude for EVERYTHING!!!

Svetlana, Moscow

14 May 2020
Благодарю за просвещение!
Слушаю! Слышу! Слушаюсь!
Благодарю Бога!
Желаю всем счастья!
Вам, уважаемый Олег Геннадьевич, желаю духовного и телесного здоровья!

Aidar, Kazan

27 April 2020

Dear Oleg Gennadievich! Thank you for your knowledge, for your work and wonderful lectures! All the best!

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