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For questions regarding donations, write to Telegram or by mail

Support our website and Oleg Torsunov's projects

Tell everyone about the site!

Our project is designed to help people bring the joy of true knowledge and life in goodness. You can help us spread it by telling your family and friends about the project. Share with them your experiences and realizations on the spiritual path.

Write about us in your print publication, website, blog or personal page. Invite friends to listen to lectures or read books by making a newsletter on social networks. Join our group at "VKontakte", to communicate with like-minded people and always be aware of the arrival of Oleg Gennadievich in your city.

Write to us if you want to help personally!

Если у вас есть идеи по развитию наших проектов и вы готовы для этого что-то сделать, напишите нам на почту info@torsunov.ru. Мы всегда рады открытым и талантливым людям. Мы обязательно вам ответим.

Donate to support and develop the project

You can support the project financially by donating any amount. The size of the donation should not significantly affect the family budget. Even 10 rubles given as a gift speaks of your pure intentions. We are grateful to you for this help, and the amount does not matter to us.

You can support the project on an ongoing basis, for example, by paying 10$ every month. Thanks to such support, the project will have financial stability and the opportunity to develop.