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My knees hurt. Should I continue running or not?


February 25, 2020

Hello. After Oleg Gennadievich’s last visit to Kyiv, we were inspired by the Blagost club to get up early, as well as four-hour walks and running. Thank you very much!

Since childhood, I have been involved in professional sports (trampoline jumping) from 6 to 20 years old. Now I’m 29. Of course, I don’t devote as much time to my body as before. Happens intermittently. Now all that's left is walking and running, I want to add yoga. I have the brains of an athlete, but the body is no longer there. I ran a couple of times for an hour and switched to two-hour runs. The first time was very difficult, I had a headache all day afterwards, the second and third times were much easier. But my knees hurt a lot.

I heard in Oleg Gennadievich’s lectures that this is normal and that after six months he stopped getting sick. But I started with a heavy load, while running I feel comfortable, but after that there is such pain on the cups in one place, as if they had been beaten. It feels like even the temperature there is higher. Are these inflammatory processes? The pain does not go away within a week. And I'm running again. It's getting scary. Is it worth continuing to run for so long? Thank you for your reply. I wish you happiness.


Hello Tatiana!

Since you are a former athlete, your mind is focused on results. Such consciousness leads to results, since it is prone to stress, but does not lead to recovery, and this is initially incorrect thinking. Therefore, you need to reduce the amount of running time now. Up to 1 hour will be fine for you. Jogging once a week and non-stop, calm walking once a week. Walk and run in this mode for four months.

For now, postpone jogging until the knee pain subsides. Leave only walks. In the future, resume jogging. It is normal that due to such a heavy load, inflammatory processes have started in the knees. You got to the sore and began to transfer it to the active phase, after which this sore begins to be treated. But you started doing it too zealously. Then, after 4 months of such loads, you can gradually increase your jogging time, adding 15 minutes each.

I would also recommend that after jogging or walking, lie in the bath for 10 minutes, if you have such an opportunity. This relaxes the body, and the effects of stress on the body are more easily tolerated. You can add oiling, this will also relax the body after exercise.

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