The key to the seven doors. Stories for those who are looking for, but not yet found

The truth, presented in a ready-made form, does not have such an amazing influence on a person as the one that he acquires independently in the course of reflection. And the role of the master, the spiritual teacher, is to guide the seeker along the right path. And humanity long ago invented a wonderful tool for this - parables. In this book you will find pearls of wisdom collected by Oleg Torsunov over many years. For the convenience of the reader, they are combined into sections called doors, and this is no coincidence: in order to open the door, behind which something new awaits us, we need to make a certain effort... At the end of the book you will find practical tasks that will help you take the next step on the path to self-knowledge.

— Year of publication: 2019.

— Binding: hard.

— Number of pages: 304.