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Laws of a happy life. Volume 3

The book explains in a fascinating way what the mind, intelligence, feelings, happiness, grief, heavy or favorable karma are. It synthesizes this knowledge, giving a deep scientific understanding of the meaning of human life.

By the place where we live, the Vedas understand not only the locality in which we have a home, but also our own body, mind, intelligence, feelings and egoism. On the other hand, by place of residence, Vedic knowledge understands the entire Universe. Depending on our views, interests and desires, we get the body and place to live that we deserve.

Thus, our fate is not a random coincidence, but an objective pattern. The events that are happening now were preceded by some actions we committed in this or a past life. Knowledge of the fundamental laws of existence gives us the opportunity to find happiness.

— Year of publication: 2016.

— Pages: 304.

— Format: 20.5×14.2×1.3.

— Hard cover.