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​How to establish contact with holiness?

Oleg Torsunov: “In our age, the only quick path that leads a person to victory is the path of prayer. And this is done easily if we follow it in a relationship with a holy person.”

The Vedas say that when a person in a humble state of mind desires something, he achieves it immediately. But, as a rule, it is difficult for us to achieve such a state, so desires choke us throughout our lives. What are we missing? Holiness. There is a law in this world: if a small child cries and wants something, his request is immediately fulfilled. An adult can also follow the example of a child, since children are pure by nature and until a certain age they have no selfish desires. However, adults have many desires, and most of them are not without self-interest.

For example, a girl wants to get married, but she doesn’t succeed. There are no contenders for your hand and heart. There is no one for a year, two years, five years... Time passes, and she eventually sits down in front of the image of a holy man (as she heard in lectures) and tries to think about him, but she can only think about marriage. Having overcome herself with an effort, she begins to cry in despair for the holy man. What do you think will happen at this moment? Her cry will be heard, because she is crying for the one who needs it, and help will come through him.

She cries for the holy man, gradually feels contact with him, and she feels better. Inside her, the belief that she will get married grows stronger, and she stops worrying about it completely. She begins to take care of everyone around her, and her faith is not violated by the fact that the groom is not yet there. She knows that sooner or later he will appear. This kind of thinking means that the issue is resolved. There is no doubt that she will get married.

Why do you need to cry for holiness?

— It is necessary to cry for holiness. This makes it possible to defeat fate. If a person does not cry for holiness, he will never feel or see it. Often people pray, but they do not feel the depth and purity of spiritual power. But when you cry for a holy person, all this is remembered, and life changes, notes Oleg Gennadievich.

Tears are needed to live. Often the heart becomes stony, dull and helpless before fate, but life should flow in very deep feelings. When feelings are deep, there is life. When feelings are dull, lazy, stony, there is no life. Therefore, every day a person should cry for God. When we do this, our feelings become deeper and purer, and our lives become brighter and more fulfilling.

— In our age, the only quick path that leads a person to victory is the path of prayer. And this is done easily if we follow it in a relationship with a holy person. This path is simple and does not require any special conditions. You just need to tune in to a mentor or holy person, listen to his voice, repeat the prayer, bow and cry for him. That’s it,” Oleg Torsunov emphasizes.

But many of us do not know how to build a relationship with holiness. We listen to lectures, try to live correctly, review our diet and attitude towards others, but these are more external things. We don’t know how we can build a relationship with someone we have never seen, but whose existence and presence in our lives we no longer doubt.

The Vedas say that first God builds distant relationships with us, because we are unworthy of close relationships, although we, of course, consider ourselves very worthy. This is our illusion, and with its debunking, a person’s spiritual path begins. The idea is that a sinful person considers himself very worthy, and an exalted person considers himself unworthy. Why? Because an exalted person sees his own sins, and a sinful person sees those of others. He does not see his sins, because inside his heart there is such a powerful armor that he cannot even look inside himself.

It is noteworthy that in the ancient Indian Holy Scripture “Bhagavad Gita” there is a chapter called “Divine and Demonic Natures”. Almost everyone who reads it is inclined to believe that all the divine qualities that are described there speak about me, and all the demonic ones speak about my loved one, boss, etc. This means sinfulness. It is she who does not allow us into a relationship with God, which is why He is so far from us.

How strong is your relationship with holiness?

Let's take a little test to see how close the Lord is to you. Answer yes/no to the statements below or simply evaluate your inner state.

  • There is pure, sublime holiness in this world. If you say no, it means there is no God in your heart. There is holiness around you, but you don’t know anything about it.
  • There is holiness in this world, and a holy person is available to me. If not, then you are not worthy to build a close relationship with God, even if you know that He exists.
  • There is holiness in this world, and I know such a holy man. This means that God has already looked at you, he is already establishing a relationship with you.
  • There is holiness in this world, and not only do I know such a holy man, but I also follow his instructions. This means that God has already begun a relationship with you.
  • There is holiness in this world, and not only do I follow the instructions of a holy man, I know for sure that he is a holy man, and this knowledge enables me to surrender to him. This means that you have already established a right relationship with God and have moved upward in your life.
  • There is sacredness in this world, and not only am I establishing a relationship with my mentor, but I have also come to feel sacredness in my friends, loved ones, and others who are walking the same path. This means that your existence has become very purified.
  • There is holiness in this world, and I feel it not only in holy people, but also in those who have just embarked on the spiritual path. This means that you have already been cleansed and have almost no sins.
  • There is holiness in this world and I see it in all living beings. It means you are a saint.

- Just please don't be cheap. Don’t say: “And I, Oleg Gennadievich, see holiness in all living beings.” Then let's check. If you have anger, you want money, sex and a happy life on this earth, then you are simply a hypocrite. You do not see any holiness in people, especially in all living beings, but you are simply deceiving yourself. It's just a fantasy. So just start over and tell yourself: “I don’t know what holiness is on this earth, I don’t know what icon to take in order to worship it. I don’t believe that any of them are saints,” explains Oleg Gennadievich.

What to do?

Take an image of a holy person that you have in your home, an icon or, for example, a photograph of Mother Teresa, begin to bow to her and cry in your soul: “Lord, please open up. I don't know that this man is a saint. Show yourself in it." These tears for God will reveal a holy person to you, you will feel purity, closeness, and a feeling of caring for you from him. This is how your spiritual life will begin. Real life will begin, because, as Oleg Gennadievich notes, there is no other life, it’s just a waste of time.

When you begin to bow down to a holy person, God's mercy will descend on you. What does it mean?

  • You will be able to worship a holy person more intimately.
  • God will show you your path and faith. Maybe not even the one you were in.
  • Then God will give you communication with people in this faith.
  • You will learn who a mentor is.
  • When you are established in this belief, you will receive a mentor.
  • After the mentor you will get a spiritual teacher.
  • When you get a spiritual master, you will feel happiness from him, but you will still not understand that he is a holy man at that time, because this understanding is the highest mercy.

When a person begins to serve the spiritual master wholeheartedly in his heart, bows down to him during prayer and wants to live for him, then the purity of the spiritual master is truly revealed in his heart, and he does not want to think about anything else. This means that God has already become close. But this path is gradual. Start from the beginning, begin to establish a relationship with the holiness within yourself and remember that if you take one step towards God, He will take ten towards you.


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