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The ABC of Success. The path to prosperity without barriers and doubts

The book contains 8 chapters, at the end of each of them there are useful tips and tricks, as well as conclusions for comprehension, which should be read twice. The questions discussed in the book will help you understand the topic of success and begin to develop as quickly and meaningfully as possible:

— What is the basis of success?
— How to set goals correctly?
— What character qualities are necessary in order to achieve what you want?
— How to distinguish karma from freedom of choice?
— What is the success of a man and the success of a woman?
— How to strengthen the boundaries of responsibility?
— How to become successful both in family and at work?
- Whose advice should you listen to and whose advice should you not?

What else is in the book?

The book contains not only informative and useful materials on the topic of success. It also contains Oleg Gennadievich’s conversations with listeners and recordings of answers to numerous questions that were asked to the lecturer over the past 15 years.

“The publication you are now holding in your hands is based on unique materials... No, this is not self-promotion. They are unique because the co-authors of this book, in a certain sense, were my listeners.”

Who should read this book?

For those who feel confused and cannot understand which direction to move. For those who want to restart their activities or continue to work at their previous job, but with a deeper understanding of their goals. For those who study at university and who still have to make a choice. Those who constantly seek the truth and want change.

The book will be useful to all other readers, as it reveals issues of working on oneself, which, of course, leads to success in any activity. Anyone who wants to learn how to forge their own happiness and success - this book is for you.

“The ABC of Success” is 272 pages about how to achieve success in school and mentoring, in work and business, how to establish relationships with family and develop the necessary character qualities. The book not only talks about ancient wisdom, but also helps you find yourself and become a happy person.

— Year of publication: 2018.

— Binding: hard.

— Number of pages: 272.