Seek, create, act. Purpose Finding Practices

A new book by Oleg Torsunov, a recognized leader in the field of psychology and personal growth practices, is dedicated to the Practice of Finding Purpose.

Here is a practical training book that will help you find your purpose. The book presents dozens of effective practices that will help you understand yourself, learn to transform dissatisfaction into creative energy, become successful, realize and discover your Purpose!

The author in the book acts as a friend who gives the reader confidential advice and helps to choose the right course in search of destiny.

Inside are various exercises and practical tasks that combine the wisdom of the cultures of East and West. After all, when you are searching for your Destination, literally looking for yourself, you need to act.

After reading this book, you will not only receive an incentive for further development, you will immediately begin to take practical steps towards discovering your Destiny.

– You will find out whether it is worth getting rid of laziness.

– You will understand who is stealing our dreams and why.

– Learn to transform dissatisfaction into creative energy.

– You will feel where you need to go to become successful and happy.

— Year of publication: 2020.

— Binding: hard.

— Number of pages: 176.