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Laws of a happy life. Volume 1

Often the events that happen to us seem random. And these “accidents” can be repeated from year to year for decades. For example, many people suffer from loneliness and misunderstanding from others. Not knowing how to help themselves, they experience great suffering, continuing to hope for a miracle. However, happiness inevitably comes to those who realize the need to study the laws of life.

The laws of life are not something dry, theoretical and unnecessary, as it might seem at first glance. It is enough to put them into practice once to understand that they are the ones who shape our reality.

Life will become more joyful and interesting if a person understands that there are no coincidences in this world, and decides that for his own good it is necessary to change for the better. And if you use proven knowledge - the thousand-year-old wisdom of the Vedas - success will not be long in coming.

— Year of publication: 2015.

— Pages: 224.

— Format: 20.5x14x0.9.

— Hard cover.