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Should a child study well?

The Vedas say that when raising children, one should always choose moral education and not attach much importance to mechanical education.

Every parent wants the best for their child, and this is quite natural. But how to properly take care of the educational process without breaking the child as an individual and without going too far? How to avoid parental excellent student syndrome and recognize the nature of children? We will talk about this in today's article.

Vedas about child development

First of all, you should know that the most important thing for a child under 13 years of age is the development of his abilities. This refers to moral, physical and spiritual education. A child should have an idea of what is good and what is bad, how to live correctly, what not to do, etc. Why is this so important before the age of 13? Because then adolescence begins and karma kicks in. If you don’t give your child moral foundations before the age of 13, then after that age there will be nothing left to catch. As they say, what you put into a child is what you get.

Thus, until the age of 13, a child should develop as a person, paying attention not to mathematics and English, but to the development of the mind. This is what was given much attention in Vedic culture and only then to the educational process, consisting of a classical set of disciplines.

— When a person understands that he needs a specific item, he can easily pull it up. Because he will have a purpose. But in order to have a goal, for this a person needs to develop his mind! And don’t stuff his brain with physics, chemistry and biology, which do not develop the mind,” notes Oleg Gennadievich.

About the development of the mind

Why is the development of the mind necessary? Then, that when a child is drawn into bad company, he will find the strength not to go there, and when he is offered drugs, he will be able to refuse them. A girl who has received a moral education and is liked by an older boy will not close the distance in communicating with him and will not follow his lead.

But since we pay more attention to school disciplines than to moral education, when irreparable things happen, it is often too late. Against the backdrop of a misconception about what education should be and what really needs to be given importance, our children and their destinies suffer.

For example, you want your child to be fluent in English in the future. Do I need to get a tutor for him in third grade for this? A child who realizes that he needs this or that subject will be able to learn it himself. Maybe not now, but when he gets older. When he needs English for admission, he will be able to master it much faster and more consciously. So why bother children with extra classes and clubs? Isn’t it better to develop their abilities in those subjects that they like best, than to force them to learn something that is already difficult for them, and thereby suppress the desire to learn?

What needs to be developed in a child?

Oleg Gennadievich notes that, first of all, children need to develop willpower, moral foundations and physical health. Girls need dancing, music, drawing, as a woman develops in art. A boy should engage in wrestling or other sports that will give him the opportunity to overcome himself, move forward, and not give up. Spirituality must also have a place, so the child must go to Sunday school, communicate with spiritual elders, and see a clean atmosphere.

But someone may say that such development will not give my child the opportunity to enter a prestigious university. And here the question arises: what is a prestigious university for? There are amazing statistics that show the demand for diplomas from prestigious universities. So, less than 5% of people say that a diploma helped them get a good job. The rest are settled simply by fate. Why does a person get a good job? Because he develops moral qualities in himself, and good opportunities come to him.

— What do you spend your money on, educating your children where they are simply running a business on their education? Do not think that a highly paid educational institution will provide a normal education to your child. There they will be tortured with this education. Your children will be dried out by this formation. They will not be developed people. Now there are so many different sciences, you can’t learn them all. It is impossible for a person to master all this! Do not believe teachers who say that a child should only have 4s and 5s in all subjects. A child, in addition to good grades, will still have lower grades, because he can do some things and cannot do others. Просто попытайтесь понять, как вы гробите своих детей, — подчеркивает Олег Геннадьевич.

About a bad astrological period

Since children are tormented by things they are not supposed to do, therefore a small bad astrological period in the child develops a terrible protest against studying. In this case, studying can actually lead the child to a psychiatric clinic. Even if a child previously only studied at grades 4 and 5, such a period can really unsettle him and cause him to be reluctant to study. He may say that he has a hard time studying and complain about his lack of interest, but if his parents do not pay attention to this, then serious consequences can arise.

Teachers attribute the decline in academic performance of previously good children to poor communication. It is logical that when a child’s communication changes, he can slip into C grades. But it can also be the other way around! He loses interest and begins to communicate with those who study poorly. The question arises: why does the child communicate with those who do not study? Because they understand him. Unlike teachers, parents and those same excellent students. After all, those who study well will never be able to understand those who find it difficult to study. Only those who cannot learn understand. It `s naturally. Due to the fact that parents only force him to study, and teachers constantly shame him and forbid him to communicate with those who understand him, the child may be on the verge of a mental breakdown.

— Think about what we do. Understand that we have put this mechanical education at the forefront, but it does not help a person at all. At work, a person needs a soul. What is valued at work? Responsibility, punctuality, love of work, honesty, humility, to avoid conflict, respectful attitude. But these are all moral qualities. This is not what they teach in school! — comments Oleg Torsunov.

What does child abuse lead to?

The Vedas say that when raising children, one should always choose moral education and not attach much importance to technical education. If a child has a bad grade, this does not mean that he is not capable of anything and will lead a miserable existence. This means that he is having a hard time studying right now and just needs your support. There is no need to put pressure on him to study. At this time, he needs care and attention, visiting spiritual places, listening to exalted elders who can become an authority for him. Let him study as best he can, because if a child is broken once, then he will have no purpose later.

Oleg Gennadievich notes that a person can go crazy or crazy. Losing your mind means becoming a drunkard, smoking, falling deeply in love, being depressed, crying constantly, not wanting to work. This happens because a person has received the wrong knowledge in life. But it is being restored. For example, a child has gone crazy, he cannot study. At the same time, life does not stop, you can live on. However, if we do not evaluate the situation with a loved one and force him to live the way he lived before, then he will go crazy.

- What does it mean to go crazy? This means that the psychic channels that control mental activity are broken. What does intelligence mean? Control, willpower, understanding of how to live correctly. But a person may not always be capable of this, since there are different periods in life. But going crazy means having little help. Even if they help, mental breakdowns will continue with a certain frequency throughout your life. This is called killing a person. And often parents kill their children in this way. For what? Because there is not enough knowledge. Gain knowledge. This is the greatest value in this life,” advises Oleg Gennadievich.

So, every parent must decide what is more important for his child: the opportunity to discover his destiny through those disciplines that he is better at, or total study in all subjects, which provides information from different fields of science, but, alas, does not provide the knowledge he needs. which will be useful in life. Remember that your children are individuals who will have to build their own lives tomorrow. And how they will go out into the big world: open and bold to everything new or afraid to take the first step - largely depends on you. Don't forget that your children are not you. Do not impose your interests on them and protect their right to make their own choices.


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