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The development of the mind. Book 2

The book is published in two volumes, each of which has its own goals. The purpose of the first is to introduce the reader to the Vedas and lead him to work on himself. The purpose of the second is to study the meaning of life from the perspective of Vedic knowledge and analyze the obstacles that arise on the path of self-improvement. Both volumes are written in the form of a conversation.

Oleg Torsunov about working on the book: “I think that the topic of working on oneself is the most difficult to present. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to explain in a monologue something that requires discussion and detailed consideration. Therefore, the form of presenting the material in the form of a conversation was simply a salvation for me. While writing the book, I tried to make this conversation simple, sometimes funny, sometimes serious. If you find it fascinating and useful, then my efforts were not in vain.”

— Year of publication: 2016.

— Pages: 448.

— Format: 21×14.5×2.8.

— Hard cover.