The power of femininity. The Path to Love, Health and Happiness

This is a book about a woman's happiness. Some may mistakenly think that a woman’s happiness is in beautiful dresses, money or the number of children. But that's not true. A woman is happy when she has inner harmony, good relationships with her husband and children, and also does interesting work. At some point, we all very clearly realize that the time has come to change something. Usually this critical moment comes not in the most pleasant way: for some it’s a divorce, for others it’s loss of strength from a lot of work, someone can’t get married for many years, someone wants to help their husband stop drinking... The essence is the same : We decide to learn to live correctly.

At the first stage, it is important for a woman to become internally strong, learn to calm her thoughts, and achieve internal stability. When you have the strength to live on, you need to start taking care of others. When a woman takes care of everyone and develops relationships with people, she is filled with beauty. At the third stage, it is important to reconsider your relationship with a man. At this stage, you have the strength to build relationships in a new way, and you understand how to do it. When a woman has strong relationships in her family, this gives her confidence to realize her potential in social life.

The book explains in detail how a woman can set goals correctly, how to calm her mind and get everything done. It shows how you can increase feminine energy and gain strength from communicating with people. You will learn how to learn to use feminine energy for work, how to communicate with employees, make friends, and help others. The authors of the book, Oleg Gennadievich Torsunov and Tatyana Polyakova, deeply reveal these topics.

— Year of publication: 2019.
— Pages: 224.
— Format: 205x141x17 mm.
— Soft cover.