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Laws of a happy family life

The problem of relationships with family and friends is always relevant, and psychologists around the world pay close attention to this issue. However, the Vedas assert that hopes for family happiness, not based on knowledge of how to choose the right spouse and start a family, are similar to the dreams of a naive child.

After all, it is in family life that we work off the heaviest karma and unravel the most tangled knots of fate. Therefore, for many of us, difficulties in family life are the biggest challenge.

This book is a conversation between the author and a married couple, where he reveals in accessible language the deepest truths about the purpose of a man and a woman, their responsibilities and needs, and the principles of building harmonious and happy family relationships.

— Year of publication: 2017.

— Pages: 480.

— Format: 21x15x2.4.

— Hard cover.